Better World Transportation LLC

A New Social Business
Based on Tesla Technology

Using the Best Transportation Solutions for:

Urban Cities
Rural Counties
Costal Ports


Better World Transportation LLC (BWT) is developing a new "social business", based on Tesla technology, using best transportation solutions for urban cities, rural counties and costal ports.

We believe that Tesla Motors; car, truck, battery and solar technology, is creating a tremendous new business opportunity for clean safe transportation.

We are a social business, an innovative model that generates profit but reinvests it 100% in our mission and social impact.

Better World Transportation's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to clean sustainable transportation, social business and unionized cooperative enterprises.



Better World Transportation is designed to be a social business, an innovative model developed by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. A social business generates profits - like the Newman's Own food company - but reinvests them, instead of distributing dividends, to further the business's mission and its social impact. BWT is part of a growing worldwide Social Business movement.

Better World Transportation will start up as a California Limited Liability Corporation or LLC. The LLC structure allows for ownership of a new enterprise by three or more partners. Various percentages of ownership, operating and voting control allows for a social impact or "patient capital" partner to capitalize the enterprise while the operating partners and staff focus on executing the business plan and growing the business.

BWT intends to establish a strategic cooperative relationship with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) and operate with a union contract. Our long-term goal is to become a company that is 100% employee-owned through an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).

Additionally, we intend to be union company with union contracts that benefit the interests of BWT employees. This is based on the successful model of Recology Inc. in San Francisco, an employee owned business with Teamster union contracts.

Our long-term goal is to become a company that is 100% employee-owned through an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). Additionally, we intend to be union company with union contracts that benefit the interests of BWT employees. This is based on the successful model of Recology Inc. in San Francisco, an employee owned business with Teamster union contracts.

Better World Transportation is focused on three markets.


Urban Cities

BWT will initially start with an Urban Cities market launch of its all Tesla private car service in San Francisco, California.

Our target customers are:

People visiting the bay area
Corporations with visiting clients
Special event VIPs
Businesses with ride sharing service agreements

BWT will be different from all other limousine services in that it will exclusively use Tesla's top-line Model S sedans - known for safety, luxury, and performance. Motor Trend selected Tesla's Model S as the "ultimate car of the year" - over every other "car of the year" in the magazine's 70-year history. The Model S is used exclusively by the Oscars for their A list stars.

The Model S is built with best in class storage and seating for up to five adults. Its advanced noise engineering creates sound dynamics comparable to a recording studio. Its glass roof provides a spacious interior experience for every passenger.

BWT's limousine services will compete in Urban Cites markets based on quality, service and price. Our added value is both our awesome clean, safe Tesla S cars and our social mission.


Rural Counties


Better World Transportation will next launch in California rural counties serving people who live beyond access to public transportation. We will serve the working poor who currently rely on informal car services. These people pay others for rides back and forth from work, medical appointments, government offices and shopping.

Because of our social business model, BWT will be able to flourish in this market that has great demand but few transportation providers. We will provide clean, safe, reliable and affordable service using Tesla cars, community-based drivers and modern communications systems.

The BWT Rural service is a hybrid business model of Grameenphone and Green Rateros.

Grameenphone started as the Grameen Bank's Village Phone program, a pioneering initiative to empower rural women of Bangladesh. The name Grameenphone translates to "Rural phone". When the service started a cellphone was only accessible to the select urban elite. Grameen partnered with "phone ladies" who owned and operated a cellular payphone service for an entire village. This successfully provided the most modern mobile phone service and equipment to poor people in a way that was accessible and affordable.

Green Raiteros is a non-profit rural ride-sharing service that builds on an "indigenous ride-sharing" transportation service that has existed for many decades in the heart of California's San Joaquin Valley. The program is an evolution of an informal, self-organized system that local farm workers have used for decades. It provides cost-effective transportation to underserved, farmworker communities to help increase their economic and health opportunities while reducing air pollution and greenhouse gasses by using electric vehicles.

Our intention is to use the greenest and best transportation technology to serve the working poor and contribute to sustainable economic development in rural California.


Costal Ports

Better World Transportation will launch its costal ports division using Tesla electric semi-trucks, as soon as they are available. We will initially start by serving the Port of Oakland.

The Tesla Semi is the safest, most comfortable truck ever. Four independent motors provide maximum power and acceleration with the lowest energy cost per mile. Electric energy costs are half those of diesel. With fewer systems to maintain, the Tesla Semi provides $200,000+ in fuel savings and a two-year payback period. The Semi will have a range of 500 miles on a single charge and the ability to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 20 seconds when carrying 80,000 pounds of cargo.

Several companies have put in their orders for the Tesla Semi, including Walmart, Pepsi, Anheuser-Busch, FedEx, Sysco, UPS, DHL, Meijer, and Ryder. The Tesla Semi can be reserved for $20,000, and the base price starts at $150,000. Tesla Semi trucks are on the road now - used by Tesla to deliver their own cars. The Tesla Semi will be built at Tesla's new Gigafactory in Austin with support from its Gigafactory Nevada. Deliveries will start in 2021.

In the short-haul port trucking market containers are off loaded from ships at port terminals and trucked to local railyards or warehouses for long-haul distribution. Short-haul truckers based at America's ports now make up a large and growing portion of the country's truck driving workforce.

Port trucking companies control this market. They are traditional for-profit businesses and notorious for deliberately mis-classifying their employers as independent contractors instead of as employees. Drivers are treated like sharecroppers on wheels. An estimated 60,000 port drivers work extremely long hours with low pay, cannot afford health or retirement benefits, and many have one foot in bankruptcy court. This creates troubling implications for national security, highway safety, and environmental pollution.

Clean and Safe Ports

Heavy traffic and long lines for trucks creates serious air pollution at ports and their surrounding communities. For decades environmental groups and the Teamsters have organized and campaigned for "Clean Safe Ports" to improve job, health and working standards for drivers and port communities.

Better World Transportation will eliminate inherent conflicts of interests between company, workers and the environment. We will do this with our social business structure and plan to be both 100% employee-owned and operating with a Teamster union contract. This is the win-win-win solution for America's port trucking.

We will successfully compete in this market based on quality, service and price. Our awesome added value is our social mission. We intend to be leaders in port trucking with clean, safe, Tesla semi-trucks, modern logistics systems and talented happy professionals.

Long-term Sustainability and Growth

Better World Transportation's plan is to start up in the Bay Area, expand its services throughout California and then nationally, coast to coast.

We believe that our social business, design science, Tesla technology and great people can change the world.


For inquiries contact:

Brian Webster, Development Manager
Better World Transportation LLC
San Francisco, California